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All That Is Interesting: Keita Sagaki's Doodle-Filled Take On Art "Classics"


Wave Doodle Source: Sagaki Keita[/caption]

The doodle has always proven an apt means to avoid in-class learning, be it from elementary school phonics lessons to an intro-macroeconomics course in college. But unlike the figures that adorn the margins of our school notebooks, Japanese artist Keita…

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The next song doesn’t have any anger in it. Except for self-loathing…But that’s directed inward, so it’s okay.
- Matt Berninger, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, 14th September 2013

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Vernon Lee, Miss Brown

never forget


i told my dad his chicken was dry and tasteless and he said it was made out of my humor

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imagine an entire room and it’s all bed

no floor, just bed

you roll too far to one side? don’t worry, bed’s still there

all is bed


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How grapes are made.

Johnny Depp making grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron